Live, learn, and love. We have been had guys………………

Have you or someone you know been touched with a loved one dying of a i d s? I have. Go to article below. Still trust the science? These people are evil. Do you care or fook it? Fight like you do over a silly porn site. Where are your priorities? Time for some soul searching people. All we get from our haters is scoff and ridicule. You never tell the truth. We just provide the documents. You decide.

What does it take to convince sheeple? Can it be done? Can humanoids who have been in a trance most of their lives be reformatted like a hard drive? We are trying to do our tiny part. You are being duped by using the common cold as a weapon. We at CMN have done our due diligence for you. Is Scott too far gone to reverse his mind control indoctrination to believe anyone outside the gov? We have provided and continue to provide all the evidence needed to reformat your brains into truth to power. We are a truth blog. Thank us now or thank us later but thank us.



4 thoughts on “Live, learn, and love. We have been had guys………………

  1. How do you guys find this stuff? I could not find on MSNBC. You guys are the best. You might have saved my friend. Hugssssssssss


    1. We do our little part. We are in this together. It is us vs them. We knew 2 years ago something was awry. The shut down the world 2 million will die just did not add up. We started researching. They have won the first round of this battle. We have to win the second half. Just like Bama has to win the second half later today. If we do not get this right, it is over for ALL of us. Not just a few in Africa. Russia is about to invade Ukraine. The UN is trying to invade Israel. We have millions dying around the world. We are running out of food, money, energy, other resources. We must fight back as a collective group. Thanks for the comment. Kyle


    1. Thanks for the question. We are leaning 60/40 he is on our side. He was duped like us all in the beginning. He had horrible people around him. Unfortunately, for all of us he fell for the scheme. He is dumb as a candle. Does he understand now what these guys are doing? Yes, no question. Will he come out soon and put an end to it all? Not sure. This is where allegiance is found.

      What troubles me mostly he is implicated in the Maxwell trial. Yea, that huge trial going on right now that no media is covering. lol He is listed in the black book from Epstein. The pilot stated under oath trump was on the plane. Are they blackmailing him like all the rest? Possibly. That would explain his involvement. It is really up to us to stop this. Guys like Dr. Martin are on our side. We have thousands of good people working everyday to end this nightmare.

      How and when will this all end? It will take more time. We are winning many lawsuits around the world right now. Like Dr. Martin mentioned, it will be stopped by the AG’s from each state and the US attorneys from each state. Other countries may end it before we do. It was hatched here in America and it should be stamped out here in America. Stay positive and stay informed. Love conquers all. Kyle

      p.s. Bad news for our side. I learned tonight both Tucker and Hannity are working with deep state guys. This is a heavy blow. Had given up on Hannity about a year ago. Really had faith in Tucker. He was fighting the good fight. Well, Lin Wood is about to sue them all. Incredible what we do not know. When the suit drops, you will know about the back story. This Rittinghouse kid is being used as a pawn. Lin Wood was not happy with he and Tucker lying about his involvement during the interview last week. Yikes


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